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We are simply a podcast with no filter, no remorse. We call it as we see it. Each week we cover AMC's show The Walking Dead & look at it objectively, good or bad. Join in the fun. We are CRITICALLY DEAD (formerly FEAR WHAT) Contact us at
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LooseWire Productions presents CRITICALLY DEAD

(formerly FEAR WHAT ?!?!)

Nov 2, 2016
050 The Walking Dead - 702 - The Well

Carol, Morgan, King Ezekiel, A TIGER -  OH MY!!! Don't think we're in The Walking Dead anymore Coral! 

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Oct 26, 2016
049 The Walking Dead - 701 - The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

Rj & Rooster go over the season 7 premier along with listener feed back and a good old game of - F*%k, Marry, Kill


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Oct 19, 2016
048 TWD - Season 7 Preview

RJ & Rooster go over changes to the show.  They also go into the ideas, theories, wants, possible regrets and everything else heading into Season 7 of The Walking Dead. PLUS a bonus lil spoiler section for the unaware folks.  GOOD TO BE BACK!


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Oct 5, 2016
047 FTWD -

WOOOWEEEE, we made it to the end of season 2 YAY! It was a rough ride, but we made it together. Now let us fill your ear holes of all the bad we spotted. - @fearwhatcast -

Sep 28, 2016
046 FTWD -

GUESS WHAT!! More Travis whining.  Madison tells a pleasant story to Alicia about her father.  And, Lil Lou is now a member of Team Bro-Douche - @fearwhatcast - 

Sep 21, 2016
045 FTWD -

ughh, Pillar of Salt huh? More like Pillar of Sh%t. - @fearwhatcast -

Sep 14, 2016
044 FTWD -

Herd driving, check. Forced romance, check. Blood make-up, check. Welcome to season's 5-6 of The Walking Dead everybody! - @fearwhatcast -

Sep 7, 2016
043 FTWD -

Chris, we can stay here...Chris, stay by me....Chris, rub me feet....Chris, do you love me? / @fearwhatcast /

Aug 31, 2016
042 FTWD -

Did you think you would see Olympic high diving when you tuned in this week?  How about going to Wal Mart?  Better yet, being taught the best thing for dehydration is tequila. - @fearwhatcast -

Aug 24, 2016
041 FTWD -

We're back to Fear The Walking Dead season 2B.  And, we aren't as mad as expected! - @fearwhatcast -

Aug 18, 2016
040 TWD -

Tonite we cover S5 Premier No Sanctuary!  You know, the one where Carol transforms into Rambo / @fearwhatcast / 

Aug 10, 2016
039 TWD -

Tonite we cover the famed fisticuffs episode in all its glory, and as usual, dig into Lori and her dumb craptastic ways! / @fearwhatcast /

Jul 30, 2016
038 TWD -

Hey everyone, were back after a long break with a brand new show covering a couple of season 2 favs.  Included, are our first ever Ninja Herd, Fire shenanigans, and our two favorite lobes finally fall. / @fearwhatcast /  

Jul 4, 2016
037 GoT -

After much delay, we present to you our take of S6E10 Game of Thrones titled The Winds of Winter. Hope enjoy, and keep those suggestions coming! / @fearwhatpodcast

Jun 8, 2016
035 TWD -

Tonite we cover S1E1 of TWD titled Days Gone Bye! / @fearwhatcast

May 25, 2016
034 FTWD -

We did it folks!  We made it to the end of season 2A!  How?  I don't know, but I do know we couldn't have done it with out you guys! / @fearwhatcast

May 18, 2016
033 FTWD -

Herschel 2.0, Farm 2.0, and Raymond steps in for Rooster this week as Rooster is somewhere on vacation for the umpteenth time! / @fearwhatcast 

May 11, 2016
032 FTWD -

Yes, their still on the water. Yes, Ophelia had a few lines again. Yes, there was a single Zombie. Yes, Daniel is now hearing voices in his head.  Yes, this list will be a long one........ / @fearwhatcast


May 4, 2016
031 FTWD -

Old friend of the show Raymond stops by to discuss the ins and outs of the episode this week. / @fearwhatcast

Apr 27, 2016
030 FTWD -

This is your captain speaking, WE BOUT READY TO DIE!!!!! / @fearwhatcast

Apr 20, 2016
029 FTWD -

Strand/Daniel 2016 - Georgetown? Johnstown? Jimmytown? RugginsTown? / @fearwhatcast

Apr 13, 2016

Abandon ship everybody! Swim for your lives! / @fearwhatcast 

Apr 6, 2016
027 TWD -

Whoa, you have your cliffhanger in my Walking Dead!  Not cool, Not cool... / @fearwhatcast

Mar 30, 2016
026 TWD -

Was there a memo to all Alexandrian's for them to leave the walls and go screaming in the forest? And, was Sonic the Hedgehog Carol's favorite game as a kid? This and plenty more on this episode of Fear What!  And, we have a spoiler section this week! / @fearwhatcast 

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